Sales skills list

Sales skills list

1. Sales planning

The success of a selling activity is the result of a big contribution of an action plan predefined. You need to seek for an excellent planner who knows to use task management software such as VIP organizer if you would like to gain your objectives and profit sales. The software is known as a foundation for developing relevant skills and techniques. It helps you schedule tasks, outline what is given priority and track progress.

2. Outcome setting

The best salespeople probably make fewer sales calls – but better ones. They know that guest persuasion skills are very important. Of which they spend nearly all time preparing for a call. Next determine carefully and logically what steps for each future meetings. Then, work backwards and define what necessary to do first. Collect and handle all ideas as well as feedbacks from customers.

3. Communicating skills

A good communication skill brings you confidence and shared information clearly and efficiently with your customers. So you need to develop it to get potential buyers understanding and convince them.
State control.

If you keep a good state of your mind, you will use your language fluently and harmoniously. As the result your rapport is always ensured, the more convincing you get the more information you want.
Your professional selling skill will be reached its peak and controls state of your mind when you have just been booked for speeding, had an argument with your partner. Thanks to this skill you always keep rapport with your clients when attending sales meetings.

4. Ability to ask right questions

Asking the right questions is also essential skill in cases customers do not realize what they need. A successful salesperson always knows how to make differences in talk with his/her customer. She/he will actively ask right questions which lead the customers to understand thoroughly what they really need. So in order to gain satisfaction from customers you should learn how to talk to them and ask right questions.

5. Rapport

Rapport is the result of setting up and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and understanding between two or more people.

In the rapport with someone is likely to get consideration of their unconscious mind. People carry out real test for the rapport to get the degree to which a person is open and approachable.

6. Listening to customer

This skill has closed relation with rapport skill. You should develop an ability to learn to listen to what your customers say. This will help you understand thoroughly and make clear their needs, and then give the best suggestion. It is important that you should pay attention to key words said by your customers to understand in depth of what they want to emphasize.

7. Problem solving

This is really important skill to come to success. It allows you to reveal and analyze a problem and then find a solution for both customer’s and salesperson’s satisfaction. However in order to do this, you need to have comprehensive analytical capabilities for customers’ problems and give smart solutions to your products and services.

8. Closing skills

Below is some closing methods used common in hundreds of closing ones.

• Order Blank Close?
• Alternative Choice Questions Close?
• Ben Franklin Balance Sheet Close?
• Scarcity Close?
• Minor point Close?
• Judger / Perceiver Close?

Of above-mentioned which; the Judger/Perceiver Close can be considered effective method unless you do not use it correctly and on the right person.

9. Goal-Orientation

A successful person is the one who always knows to orient his/her goals and move forward on achieving certain ones. When you are goal-oriented, you can start selling without any need for telling you it’s time to work. No work no money in point of fact. So in order to earn money, one of essential tasks for you to have goal orientation in sales.

10. Time & Self management

Most of salespeople do not know how to manage time properly or do not often pay attention to effect of time & self management. You can refer to this time plan of salespeople:

• Use their own diary extensively
• Focus on the priorities
• Show perfect discipline under time and self organization
• Organize to bring sales aids
• Change for the parking meter or motorway
• Always take a business card beside their body
• Always carry a pen and notebook or diary
• Ensure them to be on time
• And make sure their time and they is organized themselves.

11. Positive Attitude

If the salesperson expresses a negative attitude when he/she are talking to customers, it will be failure to get attention of potential buyers. That explains why you should show a positive attitude, opened-heart mind to your customers. This helps you satisfy all customers and the strictest ones included, make them feel optimistic about products, quality, prices, delivery conditions, payment methods, etc.

Courtesy is a fundamental skill for building lasting relationships with customers, so you should take your time and learn to be courteous with people. Courtesy along with well manners bring salesperson more chances to attract customers. Always keep in mind that customer is your God. Showing respect and keep prestige for customers it means that you express respect for you and take advantages of getting profit.

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